Cecina / Rosignano (Italy) - 1/2 July 2012
Initiatives planned, in the framework, of the anti racist meeting organized by ARCI in

- 01/07/2012 (morning): Workshop on "Migration and sea." Items are the law of the
sea, immigration law, the emergency procedures at sea, etc. This is a first initiative to
address a long-term goal of B4P: build a “warning” network of marine aware of the
situation of migrants at sea
- 01/07/2012 (afternoon) Workshop on the complaint filed in France as part of
the wreck that took place in the Mediterranean Sea in March 2011, called the
"Guardian case" (http://www.fidh. org/Death-of-63-migrants-in-the). The theme is that of
solidarity, duty relief (Law of the Sea), violations of the obligation of aid and of the
impunity of states.
- 02/07/2012 (morning):
. Press conference
. Ship's departure port Boats 4 People Rosignano (near Cecina)
. Action also on the beach in Cecina in commemoration of the dead at sea
At sea July 2 to July 5, 2012
Palermo / Trapani (Italy) - 5, 6, 7 July
Key initiatives:
- July 5: Arrival of the boat to Palermo + Conference on "the criminalization of migrants
and sea
rescue VS crime of immigration controls."
- July 6:
. Press conference
. Visit Camp Trapani Milo and / or Serraino Vulpitta
. Palermo-night action from the port: Commemoration of the Dead at sea: 1,500
- July 7: Departure of the boat to Tunisia
At Sea 7-11 (or 12) in July
Monastir (Tunisia) - 11 (12) to 16 (or 17) in July
Key initiatives planned under international preparatory meetings of the World Social
Forum 2013
- July 12: an artistic event with Ahl el Kaf, the graffiti campaign
- July 13:
. Arrival of the vessel Boats 4 People with Tunisian fishing boats in Monastir
. Conference on border closures and the impact on land and at sea on both sides of
Mediterranean. Exchange experiences on "harragas" (missing persons) and
migrants’ detention.
. Action on the beach: 800 lanterns launched in commemoration of the dead at sea
At sea, July 16 and 17
Lampedusa - 18, 19, July 20
Key initiatives in collaboration with the LampedusaInFestival
- July 19:
. Press conference, presentation and installation of the artistic works donated by Tunisian
artists to the Museum of migration of Lampedusa.
. Commemoration of the dead in the Mediterranean sea. Action in port with 1500 flowers
thrown into the sea
. LampedusaInFestival opening (Gate of Europe) by a concert.
. Screening of "Mare Chiuso '" ("closed Sea ") and then debate on "The right to protection.
What future for international protection in Italy "